An authentic French dinner: My last meal in Paris

Bistrot de l'oulette

I was hankering for a real French dinner. I don’t mean an overpriced tough steak while sitting outside on a noisy street, I mean something made with care and a lot of butter. I researched for hours online (for longer than I would ever spend at dinner!), and eventually settled on Bistrot de l’oulette which had the added bonus of being walking distance from my hotel.

The real difference with Bistrot de l’oulette is that it goes the extra mile for tourists – without becoming one of those ‘tourist traps’. The menu is in French and English, and the waiter was happy to attempt to decipher my sign language questions about the dishes. The meal started with a lovely glass of house wine and fresh out of the oven bread.

Then to my surprise as I was waiting for my food the waiter brought over a goat cheese starter – just because! It was yummy, and I loved that sort of kindness in a restaurant. I chose duck confit as my main and it was everything I imagined, the skin was crispy and the meat was tender. It was the exact type of authentic French dish that I was hankering after.

Then, because I was by myself and it was my last night in Paris I said ‘why not’ to desert. I went for the special of the day which was nectarine and mint soup, with apricot sorbet. It was a crazy combination that was summer in a dish.

I love that I found this magic little spot, and I think you all need to visit when you are in the neighbourhood. Oh and did I mention that it was reasonably prices to boot?

Bistrot de l'oulette Paris

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