Eurostar upgrade!!!

Eurostar Meal

When I was booking my Eurostar ticket it got to the page where it asked if you wanted to upgrade to first class. My instant reaction is ‘hell no’, because the Eurostar seats are already quite big and comfortable, and the trip is only a couple of hours.

But when I glanced at the upgrade page I got a bit of a shock, to upgrade my trip to Paris would have been £150, but the upgrade for the trip back was only £5!

So my ‘hell no’ turned into a ‘hell yes’ and I upgraded my home bound train. With the upgrade you get an even bigger seat (and no one sits next to you for the solo traveller), lunch, wine and coffee. Again, these benefits are not enough to normally make me pay extra but lunch at the station would have cost more than £5.

Keep an eye out in future when booking the Eurostar, you could find yourself with a magic upgrade too.

Author: runawaykiwi

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