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I am slowly starting to think about travel for next year. I know I will want to go somewhere, I just have no idea where or when. But I do know that if I get my A into G now I could save myself a pretty penny. And I’m not kidding about the prices, book before the end of the year or risk missing out on a summer holiday all together.

Thank god for kiwi colleagues who remind you about the TNT Travel show. I had heard good things from prior years about massive price reductions so I payed my £2.50 and hopped to it.

I was a little underwhelmed.

If you discount the shipping companies and the ‘flu camp’*, there were only about ten companies there, all of which were the standard Busabout, Med Sailors, Contiki et al.

Yes there were people on each stand to talk to, but the main purpose of them all seemed to be just to hand out brochures … all of which you can order/look at online.

Verdict? I think it is worth going to if you already know the tour/country/company you want and are just there for the discounts. But if you are looking for inspiration I would just hit up the Internet.

*willingly allowing someone to infect you with diseases is not what I look for in a holiday

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  1. Ha when I was desperate I tried to get into Flu Camp but they rejected me as I hadn’t consistently had a doc for the last 12 months. Therefore most Anzacs won’t meet the requirements and they’re hitting up the wrong demographics. Plus, TNT Show has never cost before (!) AND TNT is currently in administration, for the gazillionth time, so I’d say that’s why the companies are shying away this year. I had the same experience last year tho – unless you’re ready to book, there’s no point going, it’s either too over or underwhelming.

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