Runawaykiwi finds Deliverance

Deliverance takeaway

I went 18 months without buying takeaways*. Not for healthy eating concerns by any means, it actually rather sadly came down to not knowing where to order from.

I detest the crappy old pizza chains and kebab shops, and don’t even get me started on chicken shops. Back home you could always rely on your local Thai for a Friday night feast, but central London doesn’t exactly have a local corner shop.

So thank god I have finally found Deliverance. The have food from all over the show, and all the stuff I have ordered has been fresh and yum. The best bit is that all the food comes individually plastic sealed and in a cute brown cardboard box – no greasy plastic bags here!

But why I truly love Deliverance is that their Twitter person put up with a very hangry runawaykiwi. I couldn’t get their website to recognise my postcode, and because I was so hungry and tired I took to twitter to rage. The friendly and funny Deliverance twitter person calmed me down, bribed me with wine and convinced me to order again.

Beyond the magical world of twitter, they have friendly Irish girls in the call centre, a cracking sticky toffee pudding and you can order booze. What more can you ask of a takeaway?

P.s. This is not a promo post in the slightest – I’m just stoked to finally find a takeaway!

*getting take always delivered, you be crazy if you think I went that long without fast food in general…

Deliverance takeaway

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