My blog timeline

Blog timeline

The only downside to being a blogger is that it is all online. There is no physical thing in the real world that you can hold up as evidence of the time and effort that you put in. When I completed my challenge of 365 blog posts I consumed rather a lot of wine and drunkenly smashed the screen of my iPod. Not exactly a certificate to proudly show my parents.

So I went to Pinterest in search of inspiration…and found myself four hours later looking at pictures of kitten. Ok, focus.

I regrouped and started looking at the boards of my favourite bloggers when I came across a post from ‘You are my Fave‘ about a timeline she put together to keep track of the important things that happened in her relationship. So, blatantly stealing her idea I decided to create a blogging timeline.

I didn’t want to handwrite the entire thing, mostly because my handwriting has not changed since I was 7 and failed to get my pen licence. Then inspiration struck again and Moo sent me an email about their new Luxe range of super thick amazing paper.

So I created my timeline by downloading all my blog posts from WordPress and knocked up a timeline of my 365 posts in photoshop. Because I wanted something to keep rather than display on the wall, I decided to go postcard sized, which mean each card would be roughly a months worth of posts. I then send it off to the Little Robot at Moo and a few days later I was holding my blog in my hands.

If you want to try creating something at Moo, use this link for 10% off:

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One thought on “My blog timeline

  1. What a great idea, especially as you completed your 365 day challenge! We do put so much time into our blogs; I sometimes pull mine up on the screen just to *look* at it and recognized the hours spent …

    … and then I click a favorite blogger’s link, and four hours later I’m looking at pictures of kittens. Focus is difficult! 😉

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