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Super Saturday BODYATTACK

Ok I know this blog doesn’t get super personal, but I just had to share about the work trip I went on…because it was mental. Every year in Stockholm there is an event called Super Saturday, where 5000 group exercise instructors gather together to take part in Les Mills classes.

I didn’t really know what to expect, I had seen packed Group Exercise classes before but that was with a 100 people not thousands. It was held at the Globe Arena (the one that looks like a giant golf ball in the middle of town) and I have never seen so many good looking people. I mean, the Scandinavians are good looking normally, but Scandinavian gym instructors? Wow.

I walked in and the first thing I saw was a BODYATTACK class (above) with six people presenting and 2000 people taking part. It was incredible to see that many people moving in time. One of the often touted mottos of Les Mills is ‘together we are strong’ and let me tell you, thousands of instructors doing BODYATTACK proved the point. Everyone was so captured by the moment that there was no ‘I’, there was just the tribe moving as one.

As well as the classes there was also filming for the quarterly choreography releases* which were filmed outside New Zealand for the first time ever. The filming looks pretty much like a normal class, in the BODYPUMP 89 filming for example they only stopped once when the music started a little late, apart from that the instructors just took the class like normal. Well, not normal exactly… this BODYPUMP class had 1900 and was in an arena. But you get the gist.

BODYPUMP 89 filming


So I know it’s a little different to the normal blog fodder, but I just wanted to share this incredible moment that I was lucky enough to experience!

*that’s right, that BODYPUMP class you go to has teams of 100s designing choreography and music four times a year which are then shipped all over the globe for your instructor in your gym to teach to you.

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