A thirty year old restaurant recommendation

Frederick's in Camden Passage

There are many ways to choose a restaurant in London. You can go word of mouth, internet reviews, or even somewhere that just looked cool as you walked past. But by far the most unique way of choosing a restaurant I have heard of is when my friend invited me to Frederick’s because that is where his parents met thirty years ago.

So let me back track just a little to tell you the reason we were going for a celebratory dinner in the first place. In February the same amazing friend rescued a woman in a wheelchair who was trapped at a level crossing just as a train was speeding towards her. The Humane Society awarded him a medal for his brave act that saved a woman’s life, but unfortunately he had in the mean time moved from New Zealand to London – so there was no option but to receive his medal at Buckingham Palace.

Side note: I can’t actually describe how proud I am to be friends with this amazing brave guy!

So after the ceremony off we went to Frederick’s the restaurant where his parents met in 1982 to celebrate. The dinner was scrumptious, helped along by celebratory champagne.

It is ideal for celebrations, think waiters with European accents putting napkins on your lap and tidying up your breadcrumbs. I started with a spicy pumpkin soup, had Coq au vin with mash for main and a sour cherry crumble for dessert. And unlike most fine dining establishments Frederick’s was actually reasonably priced, with a three course meal for £19, perfect for date night or celebrating the life saving actions of a friend.

So thanks Frederick’s not only for a lovely night out, but also for being the reason one of my best friends exists.

Author: runawaykiwi