My life as a Gallery Ghost

Hanging out by myself in the Louvre

In my About Me section I describe myself as a gallery ghost. I thought the term was self explanatory, but since I have had a fair few people ask me about it I thought I should explain in full.

Art galleries are apparently a great way to pick up guys. Imagine the situation…you both stand there gazing at a Duccio, he makes a witty comment about the blueness of Mary’s skin, you giggle and then you both pick out china patterns and live happily ever after. Fat chance.

When I go to a gallery I want it to be like that old seaside warning ‘take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footsteps’. In a gallery I plug in my iPod and wander the halls like an aimless haunting ghost. Sometimes I stop and consider a piece, but this is almost entirely at random based on what catches my eye (or in a busy gallery what has a chair in front of it).

I do my very best to avoid all people in an art gallery. It might be different if I didn’t live in one of the cultural capitals of the world where the art galleries are always busy and the museums completely packed. If it weren’t for those crowds I might smile, listen and interact.

But as it stands I want my gallery visit to restore balance to my soul which means I walk and wander on my own, haunting the rooms like a gallery ghost.

Author: runawaykiwi