Ok kids, runawaykiwi has a new favourite London app


Citymapper London

I have been using Google maps or TFL to plan my adventures around London. Google maps is good, except it does not really take into account the fickle nature of the London Underground (the current fashion is to close parts of the Ginger Line every weekend). You would expect TFL to be better, but while it does take into account line closures, it seems to always forget about buses.

Enter sage left the new app Citymapper. It will provide you with a range of options for how to get to your destination, mixing buses and tubes with ease. It will also give you a jet pack option, although given how long it will take for jet packs to make it to the commercial market this might be a long commute.

Citymapper London

I love that it also has the additional features of ‘get me to home’ and ‘get me to work’, so that no matter how London dizzy you get Citymapper will look after you.

It also quite endearingly gives you a ‘rainsafe’ option for your journey, as well as letting you know what the weather will be like when you get there.

Finally a transport app that not only works but also has a little bit of heart.

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