Runawaykiwi goes to a play and learns about a man named Henry

Living Spit Play the Six wives of henry VIII

Y’all know I like to book things on YPlan. I was sitting at my desk at work, head buried in a spreadsheet, when I felt an itching desire to be hit in the head with something cultural. So to YPlan I turned and booked a play called the Six Wives of Henry¬†VIII for the following night.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted some culture but was not in the mood for anything serious. I hear you shout “if you don’t want serious, why go for Tudor play!?”. Well, because the Six Wives of Henry VIII is a two man show but has a cast list of at least seven, with that set up you just know that hilarity will ensue.

And by all that is royal it was funny. Two men, one who looks strikingly like Henry Tudor and the other who looks great in a dress, took us through a 56 year reign in a couple of hours.

We got to know the intimate details of the kings bedroom activities, what his family actually thought of Mr Henry and what he thought of his wives. I don’t doubt that the play was 100% historically accurate – they portrayed the phone call between Henry and the pope to discuss the prospect of divorce to absolute perfection.

The play was funny, down to earth and actually taught me a lot about a period of history I thought I knew something about. Think of it as horrible histories for adults.

The show is touring throughout November so catch it if you can!

Author: runawaykiwi