Good brunch south of the river

Brew Pancakes Wimbledon


On a wild and wicked Sunday morning, runawaykiwi braved a non functioning Northern line to have brunch south of the river Thames. It is a dangerous journey, filled with revolutionaries, drunks and Australians. But for friendship and coffee I missioned to zone 3.

For those unfamiliar with the wild lands that are the bottom of London, you have two main areas to find good brunch – Clapham and Wimbledon. Because of the aforementioned lack of northern line I only really had one option and I found myself on the District line to Wimbledon and the welcoming arms of Brew.

Brew is an antipodean creation with cafes all over the world. You can expect really high quality food and coffee, but in this place also expect to pay a premium for it.

I normally hit up the sweetcorn fritters, because you know…I’m a kiwi. But today I felt like pancakes and so went ahead and ordered the blueberry pancakes. They were lovely and light, normally London pancakes leave me feeling like a nap but these were just right. And the accompanying flat white went down a treat.

*yes there are other coffee spots, but for shear ease let’s stick to the two hubs for the moment.

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  1. I promise, us Aussies aren’t all that bad! I think I might be the one one that doesn’t live in Clapham or Wimbledon though…

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