Two brunches in one day

French toast at The Breakfast Club

I tend to plan my life quite far in advance. Mostly because everyone is busy in London and things are cheaper if you book ahead, but also because it forces me to get out and do things. But there is always the risk that in planning ahead spontaneity will suffer. Story goes that I had planned a kiwi brunch with my twitter girls at Ozone, but then the night before I got a call from another friend seeing if I wanted brunch the same day. What was a kiwi girl to do? Answer, dude I’m a kiwi of course I went for two brunches.

First was the spontaneous brunch at The Breakfast Club to talk flatting disasters, boyfriends and art. Now I have warned y’all before about trying to go to the Breakfast Club at the weekend, but we showed up at 9am on the dot and got a table without any problem. However half an hour later and it was a different story and there was a line around the block.

I went for the French toast with banana and enough bacon to feed a horse. It was very very kiwi. In fact I would go as far as to say it was exactly like a kiwi French toast. Heaven. What I particularly like about the Breakfast Club, highlighted by the photo above, is that when you order a side you get a side. There were masses of bacon on mine (normally you would be lucky to get three rashers with a brunch) and my brunch buddy ordered berries which came in a cute tray and were enough to make a smoothie out of. I love getting good value at a restaurant so this really ticked my brunch box, although it is base on the idea of an American diner, so big portions fit perfectly with the theme. Oh and check out the description of the coffee beans, I love the whimsy!

Coffee menu at the Breakfast Club

So after brunch it was a five minute walk round the corner to brunch number two, a kiwi catch up at Ozone. Ozone is an interesting one, people tend to either love it or hate it. Myself I have had both experiences there and it all comes down to the service. When the waiters are onto it, all you focus on is the amazing food but if they are having an off day you just sit there hangry and in need of caffeine. On this occasion they completely forgot our coffees which we actually pre-ordered before our table was ready because we were desperate for a flat white fix (not everyone was smart enough to have two brunches in one day!). To Ozones credit, when they were reminded (by reminded, I mean one of the party threatened to stab someone if she didn’t get coffee soon) they brought the drinks and didn’t charge us for them.

Brunch at Ozone
Food wise having a pre-brunch allowed me to try one of the lighter menu options that I wouldn’t normally go for. I had the Greek yoghurt with roast plums and almonds and it was classy indeed. Perfectly balanced flavours, creamy and almond crunchy it was a joy to eat and made me think I should order this type of thing more often.

Two brunches in one day? Highly recommended.


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