Lets talk about wifi in cafes

Flat white from White Mulberries

It is a very fashionable joke at the moment, the hipster with the latest Apple laptop in a cafe. It goes beyond an Internet meme, I have heard people moaning that the kids these days are so addicted to technology that they can’t even go out for a coffee without it. But personally I think these amazing cafes that offer wifi are filling an important social need.

Take my always favorite White Mulberries in St Katherine docks. I would happily tube and bus to get to this cafe every weekend because the coffee is awesome and the service is impeccable. But it has always been a short stop before I had to bustle off to continue my weekend, that is until now…they have just got wifi!

Weekends are not exactly holiday days, particularly when you are a blogger they seem to involved just as much staring at a computer screen as during the week. It actually reminds me of university, where come the weekend you could find me hooked to a computer in the library desperately trying to remember ANYTHING about New Caledonian crows. I went to a library because you get less distracted when you are somewhere neutral, and the people around you create some sort of white noise effect.

But how many expats have ever been to a library in their chosen country? How many expats even know where the library is? So instead to get myself out of the house, to focus, to see a little of London I go to cafes and write.

Now lets be clear – I don’t just sit there, I also drink my body weight in coffee so it works out for the cafe as well.

And to be honest as a walker and wanderer, it’s nice to get some human interaction every so often (not to mention how many truly scandalous conversations I have overheard!).

So thank you to all the cafes who offer free wifi, you provide a valuable service and will be repaid with my eternal devotion and coffee buying.

Author: runawaykiwi

3 thoughts on “Lets talk about wifi in cafes

  1. Loving the look of the coffee (just had my third of the morn) but cannot get my head around savoury filled croissants. What’s to like?

    1. Dude there is everything to like!!! They are seriously amazing and may or may not change your life…

  2. I agree! It also drives me crazy when hotels don’t have free wifi, in this day and internet age, it’s so weird. The people interaction is the best bit, especially if you work from home, it’s nice to get out once in a while and get a change of scenery! Also, I love savoury filled croissants, ham and cheese for life, but that one looks nice too 🙂

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