Runawaykiwi is going home

New Zealand beach

New Zealand is some 18,000km from London, its pretty much as far as you can go travel wise. This makes it pretty impossible to just fly home for a quick visit. But you know what? After 18 months living as a runawaykiwi I just need to go home.

I was feeling like ‘home’ was slipping from my memory banks, which I guess is good and bad because although the memories are being replaced by awesome fun London times, I am starting to only remember the good bits of home and ignoring the bad. The grass is always greener.

But I thought that a quick trip home was impossible, last time I checked flights were well over £1000, which is just completely unfeasible for me right now. That is until I saw a tweet about a Flight Center one day sale for flights to New Zealand.  So at 9:01am I was on the phone trying to book one of the limited number of flights for £629 return with China Southern Air.

I grabbed one! Because of the T’s&C’s of the sale it meant I was only actually going to be in New Zealand for 10 days. So yes, with 60 hours of travelling I was going to be spending 25% of my trip in the air or airports. But for 10 magical days at home it was totally worth it.

I am not planning anything major, I want to hang out with my parents, drive in my car and eat all the brunch I can get my hands on.

My only concern (apart from the whole flying thing!) is that I am going to fall in love with New Zealand again. As I have rambled on about time and time again, I love my life in London and I just hope that this trip home to fill my soul with love isn’t going to impact on my life in London.

Wish me luck and be prepared for New Zealand brunch posts!

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    1. Thanks! It is amazing how much I miss being able to just hop in a car and go to the supermarket!

  1. I saw those flights & was so tempted as I could have gotten a cheap Jetstar flight back to Brisbane to see my parents but I missed out!

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