First stop for home just has to be Orvieto

Orvieto Mt Eden

I made it! Two twelve hour flights and a seven hour stopover somewhere in China and I am finally home. Obviously the first things I did was hug my parents, chase the cats, persuade Mum to cook a roast and revel in being back in the best bedroom in the world. But next on the list just had to be a visit to Orvieto.

This cafe just at the top of Mt Eden road has been a must visit for my family for years, and I do mean years. I think we first started going when I was in high school which was a breathtakingly long time ago indeed. We have been there to plan trips, to commiserate, to celebrate and just to avoid spring cleaning.

The reason we go back is because they are just so damn consistent, I mean they are consistent to such a degree that I suspect witchcraft. I have always ordered the exact same thing there ever singe my first visit when I ordered the bruschetta with pancetta and was congratulated on my correct pronunciation (apparently no one gets both of the words right!).

So obviously for my first visit back to Orvieto I had to have the bruschetta with pancetta and a flat white to wash it down. The bruschetta has all sorts of tomato, rocket, caper and parmesan goodness and was exactly what I needed to welcome me back to the motherland.

After Orvieto I went home and had a nap, because jetlag is quite simply a bitch.

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  1. buy Melatonin.

    That photo is exactly why I get soooo sick of people saying “Oh NZ, isn’t a bit like Devon 20 years ago?” and smile at me as if that’s a compliment.

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