Zus and Zo: a moving to London reenactment

Flat white at Zus and Zo Auckland

Let me take you back to November 2011, it was a crisp spring morning and I was going out for brunch with my Mum. I convinced her to drive to the other side of Auckland to go to Zus and Zo after becoming ever so slightly obsessed with this new cafe and their open top sandwiches.

So we sat down at the middle table on the left hand side, ordered flat whites and started talking. It was a rehash of conversations we had before, with me feeling trapped and hopeless in my tax accounting job and really not knowing which way to turn. That’s when my always sensible and level headed mother said something quite extraordinary “well, you should move to London”. I’m not sure if it was the multiple shots of coffee, that my Mum put it in such a straight forward way or that I didn’t have any viable alternatives by my answer a few seconds later was “ok”. The next week I applied for my visa, and the week after I quit my very sensible corporate job to fly off into the unknown.

There was no other planning, no forethought just good coffee and advice from my Mum. It says something about how supportive both my parents are that not only did Mum suggest this rather radical idea, but when I went home walked through the door and announced to Dad that I was moving to London he echoed me and said “ok”. I know it wouldn’t be their first choice to have their youngest living in a different hemisphere, but I am ever thankful that they support me wholeheartedly and put me under no pressure (like some of my friends are feeling) to move home and pick up my kiwi life again.

Given that Zus and Zo was the site of rather an important decision in my life, it was only fitting to go back and stage a reenactment. Mum took the day off work and we traveled to the ass end of Ponsonby to find coffee and reminisce. When we walked through the door it had to be fate, because the only table available was the one we sat at almost two years earlier. Sitting down and ordering the still amazing flat whites (served controversially in glasses rather than cups) we had to take a lot of extra time to review the menu, it all looked too good.

I settled on a baked ricotta bruschetta with tomato-capsicum pesto and bacon while Mum had some sort of mushroom thing (I don’t know, I just don’t ‘do’ mushrooms). The food was brilliant and we happily spent time just marking how far life had come in two years.

Zus and Zo bruschetta

Author: runawaykiwi