Little and Friday: only my closest friends know how deep the obsession goes

Little and Friday doughnut

Right about the same time that Zus and Zo popped up on the Auckland cafe scene, Little and Friday opened a second cafe in Newmarket. It was like a first date, I walked into the echoing Martha’s fabrics with feelings of trepidation. When I saw the counter laden with treats my mind flew to a million different future, would I be happy with a doughnut or would I be more fulfilled long term by a tart. Obviously I went for both and from that first bite I was head over heals in love with Little and Friday.

It got to the point that when I met up with friends for coffee they would just assume we were going to Little and Friday before I even opened my mouth. Not that they were unhappy with this situation, after all there is heaps of parking, good coffee, aforementioned treats and big tables to gossip round for hours. When I moved to London my friends knew the extent of my Little and Friday heartbreak so they bought me the Little and Friday cookbook (thanks Reena, Emma and Stella!) so that I could at least attempt to rekindle the flame in London.

Little and Friday Flat White

Therefore it was obvious that I would visit on my trip home. As always when seeing someone after being in a long distance relationship for two years I was afraid that one or both of us would have changed, or grown beyond recognition. Nup. Little and Friday is still damn good.

By some sort of freaky coincidence, my amazing friend Kylie who lives in Australia was home for the same week I was. I think we both cried when we realised we were going to actually see each other in person after two years of Skype, letters and postcards. Little and Friday was the perfect cafe to reunite an Australian midwife and a London blogger.

I went for the classic filled doughnut (filled with crème diplomat and raspberry coulis) and Kylie after much deliberation went for the very cute looking Lemon cake (both pictured above). Of course because we are both the essence of moderation we went for savoury options as well, feta and onion tart and a potato and asparagus frittata. Honestly I could eat that food till the end of time. So. Damn. Good.

Little and Friday tart

I almost can’t believe how good the cafes in Auckland are. I think there are as many top cafes in Auckland as there are in London, which is saying something when you consider the population difference. And I am so happy that Little and Friday remains one of the good ‘uns.

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  1. I still think the cafes in Australia are better than in London & I believe I’d think the same about New Zealand if I got to try them out too!

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