Auckland is full of Cereal Killas

Cereal Killa

One of the first questions I asked when I was home was ‘what new cafes are there?’. When my Dad responded with ‘serial killer’, I thought it was him who was a little deranged. But he was actually talking about Cereal Killa on Dominion road, see what they did with the name there? Welcome to New Zealand, the home of advance linguistics.

This is the part of the story when the universe conspired to give me the most kiwi cafe experience possible. I sat down (with a flat white and ginger crunch) and watched as two kiwi ‘celebs’ walked in. I had a Shortland Street star (not sure if current or old, not exactly up to play on my SS characters*), and a Billy T nominee to gawk at while I drank my coffee. It was just such a funny reminder of the small town nature of New Zealand.

But back to the cafe. The food that was being brought out of the kitchen looked amazing, but since I was between brunch and lunch (and not matter how hard I try I can’t fit in another meal between those two) I decided to try one of their smoothies. At this point I should probably confess that after 20ish years I have decided that I actually like coconut…go figure. So I went for the mango and coconut smoothie, which was refreshing and scrummie.

Oh and the name? There are mini cereal boxes all over the walls… Reminders of days gone by.

Cereal Killa NZ
* to be fair I never was, I always learned conversational Shortland Street just by watching the adverts

Author: runawaykiwi