Finally Aucklanders are allowed to eat bagels

Best Ugly Bagels

For years bagels have been the realm of Wellingtonians. I’m not sure if Auckland offended the bagel gods in years gone by, or if it’s just that Jafas get overly excited by the hole in the middle, but there was not a bagel shop to be found in New Zealand’s largest city. You can only imaging my level of excitement when I discovered that the gods had been appeased and Jafas have had the required therapy because there is finally a bagel shop in Auckland.

Best Ugly bagels is based in the new City Works Depot, once an industrial site and now the home of treats galore. Previously my only memory of the City Works Depot area was having my 7th form after ball there and being a bit ‘huggie’ after too many rum and cokes, all things considered I think a bagel shop is a better use for the area.

The cafe is actually a massive kitchen where they churn out thousands of the holy beasts each day. There is some seating outside, and since it was only drizzling rather than raining we took our bagels outside to eat. The toppings are the classics (think salmon and cream cheese, or cinnamon  and butter) and by all that is holey they are good. You just can’t beat a fresh out of the oven best ugly bagel.

Best Ugly Bagels

For those wondering, they are called ‘ugly’ because they are hand rolled and allowed to do their thing. If you find a perfectly round American bagel in the bunch it will probably be routinely mocked by its gnarled counterparts. The best bits of a bagel for me are always the thin crispy bits in any case, so the Ugly raison d’etre sits with me perfectly.

If you are in the area swing by and pick one up, or even if you are just driving through Auckland swing by and pick one up. Look, just do yourself a favour and pick one up!


Best Ugly Bagles


Author: runawaykiwi