Every Nice Day involves a coffee

Nice Day Coffee

I went google crazy trying to find the latest coffee haunts in kiwi land. But Nice Day coffee was the only place that I went actual crazy trying to find. I dragged my parents into a rainy Queen Street with the promise of good coffee. Then I dragged them to Albert Street on the same promise. Then back to Queen Street. Then I admitted I was lost. I mean just a tiny bit lost. A smidgen but lost if you will.

But ten minutes of aimless wandering later and we found the tiny hole in the wall that is Nice Day coffee. As you would expect from a place that just does coffee and nothing but coffee, the flat white was fantastic. But what I loved most about this little place was the design.

A fluro pink coffee machine dominates the space barely big enough to be an ATM. And the price list? Three prices are tiled into the wall above the barista, you can have black, white or the rather ambiguous other…that’s it.

I wish I worked round the corner from Nice Day, they seem to have their heads screwed on straight.

For those trying to find Nice Day, go to the Bluestone Room on Durham Lane and it’s down the hill a bit on the left.

Author: runawaykiwi

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