One of my favourite weekend trips -Matakana Markets

Matakana live music

About an hours drive from Auckland is the micro town of Matakana, which on Saturdays plays host to a market that upper middle class Aucklanders flock to in droves. There is live music, a river to sit next to and enough food options to call it brunch.

You can be sure to get all your essentials there, you know 10 different types of duqqa, macadamia nuts in their shells and more chutney than even Nigella could snort. But seriously, there are some amazing pies (for an expat, the site of the pies almost made me cry) as well cheese, oils and treats galore.

Rather annoyingly the coffee has gone seriously downhill. I don’t think volume and crowds can ever be an excuse for bad coffee, I mean look at some of the carts at Borough Market that get mobbed every weekend and still manage to make awesome in a cup. But never mind, the freshly made crepes more than make up for the lackluster coffee effort.

Matakana Crepes
Once you have your crepe (or Belgian waffle if you are that way inclined) it is almost compulsory to sit by the river and place bets on which child is going to fall in first. Sadly we didn’t sit long enough to cash in on our bets, but it was hugely entertaining while we ate.

Matakana Markets

Author: runawaykiwi