Brick Bay – art and wine in one

Brick Bay cafe

I personally think Brick Bay is one of the coolest spots in Kiwi land. It is a vineyard just a little further along the road from Matakana, and not only is it a good spot to drink a few glasses and try one if their cheese boards but it also has a very cool art walk. Now, last time I was up there was for my 22nd birthday – and shall we say things got a little bit entertaining.

After a strenuous (not strenuous in the slightest) walk around the art trail, I may or may not have had a few too many glasses of rosé. Then on our way back home I may or may not have had the brilliant idea to stop and empty my bank account by buying myself a laptop… for my birthday you know. After the nice man in the shop telling me about dual core and ram I squealed ‘that ones pretty!’.  So in a way this blog post has Brick Bay to thank, because its being written on that pretty laptop.

Sheep invading the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail

Aside from the awesome technology after effect, Brick Bay is more than worth a visit for the sculpture walk alone (even when the sheep decide to invade!). Set along a winding trail that goes through forest and fields, art is just dotted along waiting to be discovered. And some of them did take a bit of effort to discover. While my fellow winos walked past the small metal plaques, I stopped to take a gander and turns out it was actually Commemorative Plaques 1-4 by Dane Mitchell. I found them both endlessly entertaining and hopelessly poignant.

Commemorative Plaques 1-4 by Dane Mitchell

Some of the art was seriously creepy, soft whispering voices that call to you as you cross a bridge in the forest. While others were just perfectly, perfectly placed. I think that if you went and purchased Live Wire by Mary-Louise Browne, or Golden Bough by Jim Wheeler (most of the art is for sale) you might need to buy the entire forest to put them in. Although dare I say, Incendiary Artwork by David McCracken would look fabulous pretty much anywhere (hint hint… Christmas is coming and I have an incendiary shaped hole in my life!).

Live Wire by Mary-Louise Browne

Golden Bough by Jim Wheeler

Incendiary Artwork by David McCracken

Then after a final climb up among the kauri trees (well worth it, even if the sign ominously warns about ‘many’ steps), we headed back down to the real world to catch up over wine and cheese. If you do head up to Brick Bay keep driving up a little further and go to the actual Brick Bay that the vineyard if named after. Not a person in sight and nothing but you and the waves, heaven.

Brick Bay

Author: runawaykiwi