Injectable doughnuts at the Foxtrot Parlour

Foxtrot Parlour

I have some pretty awesome friends. Friends that when you see them for the first time in two years instantly start talking about amazing injectable doughnuts. You guys are the best. So we finished our dinner and made plans for injectable fun (the legal kind) the following week.

Foxtrot Parlour is in the new Ponsonby Central, you know because Ponsonby got good while I was away. When I walked in the first thing I thought was ‘wow the guy behind the counter is really cute’. And he serves doughnuts and flat whites…I might have just found my soul mate.

But since I was just in New Zealand for a week I thought a long term relationship was out of the question, so I would just have to go for his doughnuts. The doughnuts are not the ring kind, where would the injectable goodness go? They are cinnamon sugar covered round doughnuts (pictured above), and you get to choose between berry, chocolate or caramel to inject into it.

Foxtrot Parlour injectable doughnut
I of course went caramel, and it tasted as good as I would make it at home. The massive metal syringe was a little off putting, but since it was full of caramel I soon got over my heebie jeebies and, ah, got stuck in.

So. Much. Fun. The caramel was oozy and fun and all kinds of sugary amazing. The fun was washed down with a double shot flat white and a wander round the market next door.

Foxtrot Parlour does have an extensive menu that rumour has it is fantastic, but to be honest if you go there for any reason other than doughnuts I don’t want to be your friend any more.

And if the cute guy from the cafe is reading this and happens to decide to move to London … tweet me @runawaykiwi

Coffee at Foxtrot Parlour

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  1. you are making me a little 🙁 that I don’t have time to visit the north island when i go to NZ next year. You make it look amazing.

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