Something so oh so Kiwi about the Auckland Art Gallery

Choi Jeong Hwa Flower Chandelier

Y’all know I’m a gallery ghost, so what was a trip home without a visit to the Auckland Art Galley. It may not be as grand or old as some of the European galleries, but somehow walking through those doors just feels like home.

The gallery was expanded a few years ago, where they managed to combine the existing colonial building with a modern glass structure. It means that from almost every room you get glimpses of the lush green park that the gallery backs on to. Nowhere else have I seen a gallery with such indoor outdoor flow, although that gap just matches the kiwi psychology which values nature just as much as art.

Auckland Art Gallery

Oh and there was some art as well! I will always love the giant inflatable flower sculpture by Choi Jeong Hwa that hangs from the ceiling like a Disney chandelier (above).

But even better than the art and the architecture is the branding. In every piece of signage, in every flag and information leaflet there is art. Literally. They have highlighted art in every message about the place, I love such a simple and effective piece of branding.

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    1. Nooooooooo! I was so short on time that I just ran around the art. I guess that is just an extra reason for a trip back to NZ 🙂

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