Vinyl saves me from a dark future

Vinyl Coffee Shop

You know you are in Auckland when there is a power cut that takes out half the city. Even more so when the reason for the outage is that they were simulating what would happen if lightening struck the lines and forgot to put the safety on. Ahhh home.

It was particularly traumatizing because at that exact moment I was attempting to drive for the first time in two years and the power cut took out all the traffic lights. Not fun.

So like any true kiwi when a disaster occurs I instantly thought about my next meal, after all most scary things are better faced on a full stomach. So I went to a new old cafe called Vinyl on Dominion Road. I say new old because it definitely existed before I became a runawaykiwi, but for some reason I never found it.

My god it was a good brunch. The vibe is more brick walls and tattoos than I am used to, but the food is as close to perfect as you can get. The eggs, oh my lord the eggs. I forgot how orange kiwi eggs are, they are the orange of an African sun setting on a zebra. And for once in my life a cafe got the bread to egg ration completely right.

I actually can’t rave about this place enough, so please please please visit for me because I am 18,000km away. And don’t worry, by the time I left Vinyl many hours late the traffic lights had come back on.




Author: runawaykiwi