Runawaykiwi and the £45 cup of tea

Jing tea

When I arrived back in London (don’t worry, plenty of more New Zealand posts to come!) the first thing  I noticed is that winter ‘happened’ while I was away. So I quickly formulated a plan to hibernate for the next few months. The plan was going strong until I was invited to the Jing tea masterclass. What is a girl to do? Stay inside nice and cozy, or go outside and try some of the best teas the world has to offer. Not a hard choice really, so like Ross and Rachel I put my hibernation on a break and went out to find me some Jing.

The masterclass was held at Center Point which has frankly bonkers views over London, amazing to go up there at Christmas time and see the reverse view of the Oxford Street Christmas lights. After being dazzled by the lights I sat down to drink me some tea.

Turns out I’ve been making tea wrong all these years. If you put boiling water on tea leaves it essentially scalds them, which gives a bitter flavour to your drink. Ideally tea should be made between 70&80 degrees  (depending on if it is black or green tea), or if you are skint and don’t own a thermometer I have worked this out to be a boiled kettle after one Downton Abbey ad break – I’m technical like that.

I know what you are saying, get to the £45 cup of tea. We tried four different teas over the night, starting with a delicious white tea called Silver Needle which I slightly lost my heart to. It is made of the tea leaved picked first and not processed at all, which gives it the most delicate flavour. I think Silver Needle would make the perfect summer drink … if summer ever arrives.

Then after trying a couple more teas including the incredibly named Phoenix Honey Orchid (which was the colour of a post apocalyptic sunset) we moved on to the big daddy, the Jing Wild Wuyi Gold. This tea is made of the rarest leaves and were only picked once so there is a seriously limited supply, in fact there is only one restaurant in the UK that stocks it (the Fat Duck of course!).

And this is where I reveal that I am a total pleb. I thought that the Jing Wild Wuyi Gold was a really good cup of tea but at my heart I don’t think you can beat a cup of earl grey. Thankfully Jing makes one of the nicest Earl Greys I have ever tasted, so good in fact that I have had two cups during this post.

For those of you with a tea lover in your family I’m going to let you in on a little secret, although Jing is not avaliable in shops you can buy it all on their website. I would love to say that I just got Mum some for Christmas, but I may or may not be drinking that now…

Author: runawaykiwi