Runawaykiwi gets a wee bit Cheeky


Out of the blue my sister and I both had the same Friday off work, but what to do? We tried madly to think of a new cafe to try, or treat to consume but came up with nothing. Then I got a mysterious text telling me that she had a brilliant idea and to meet her in Shoreditch, and that is how I ended up at the Cheeky Parlour.

The Cheeky Parlour is part beauty salon and part cafe just at the top of Brick Lane. The idea is that Cheeky is a place to gather, gossip and get ready. Over a sisterly catch-up (i.e. a detailed breakdown of everything the world has to offer) we had tea, decadent cake and followed it up with Cheeky manicures.

Cheeky Parlour Manicure

Now the manicures are something special, for £10 you get a file, polish AND you get  to take home the nail polish…how’s that for good value? I mean, if you are out to buy a new nail polish anyway you may as well get the manicure to go with it! And if my hair wasn’t as short as a poodle right now I would also be going for the £15 blow dry to get me ready for the weekend (seriously, what the hell can you do with short hair?).

The Cheeky Parlour

I’ve been back a few times since, the big open space, comfortable couches and quick access to coffee make it the ideal blogging space. Particularly because they are open till late so won’t kick you out if those coffees turn into cocktails. I think Cheeky is intended to be a place to go with a group of friends to get ready for a night out, but as a solo kind of gal I think it is the perfect London hiding spot.

Love you Cheeky!

Cheeky cake

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