It all started with wanting to sell my car

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I can confidently say that I am settled in London. I have no plans on moving back to New Zealand any time soon, even if the dreaded London winter is here. So it begs the question, why do I still have a car in New Zealand?

When I left in 2012 I had no idea if I was going to be away for three months or five years. I was so lost that it was completely plausible for London to be a temporary stop before going home and trying to pick up the pieces. Since I could have been home before summer I left my car with my parents.

Now that I know I will be in London for a while it is becoming increasingly stupid to keep a devaluing asset sitting in a garage, when I could put it into a term deposit and actually make money from it.

But I don’t know, that car is my link to New Zealand, it is the possibility of flying home tomorrow. The possibility that I will go back to my country, my parents and my friends. The possibility that London isn’t a permanent move.

So what do I do? I think I have to be sensible and sell my car. But that step feels all too like closing a door for my liking.



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4 thoughts on “It all started with wanting to sell my car

  1. Hmm, it depends on the car, I think. A cheap older one is probably fine to leave there. The thing with being from NZ is that when you go back to visit you need a car to use otherwise you’re screwed. If you have a car to borrow without a problem, then sell it I think. I feel sort of the same about my nice furniture in storage at my friend’s place. I have to go home to sort it out, but I’d lived back in NZ for 8 years as an adult and I have nice stuff. It feels like such a final thing to be admitting that I’m staying here and not going home by selling everything. I know I have to do it and find the blinking money for the airfare very soon!

  2. I completely agree with mrscarmichael. You can always buy another car – especially if you save the money rather than spend it! If you need or decide to go back to NZ at short notice and need a car, you will be able to borrow or hire one. Your car is not what ties you to home.

    I thought I’d be in London for six months max to save some money before tripping round Europe and heading back to NZ. That was over five years ago and I’m still here, loving it. I still don’t know if it’s a permanent move, but not much in life is permanent, right?

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