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Aubaine starter

One of the most unexpected blogging side effects (aside from the late nights, addiction to technology and over consumption of coffee) is how amazing other bloggers are. Honestly, I have met more people through blogging than I have through anything else in my life…ever. And it’s funny, for such an isolating hobby the bloggers are always the first to open an invitation even if you have just met on twitter. So when I was invited to a bloggers Christmas dinner at the newly opened Aubaine in Marylebone¬†I said yes without hesitation. I didn’t know a single person there, but I knew it would be a night of the upmost hilarity.

When the very cute starters arrived I was lucky enough to be sitting next to Leyla from the Cutlery Chronicles, who thankfully was on the same page as me. We guiltily shared a look and then polished off the entire plate. I mean, we were there to try Aubaine and if we had to eat every single starter on the shared platter in order to do so, then we were damn well going to. I have to say it, that little fig salad on the white spoon was my favorite dish of the night – I had about three of them so I know what I’m talking about!

The supreme starters were followed by a mushroom risotto, sea bream with garlic mash for main and a selection of tasty treats for dessert. I was stuffed. I think it was the garlic mash that was my undoing, that stuff is my kryptonite. Once I see it I just can’t stop, it is so so tasty.

I’m not too sure what the prices are like because we were there as guests of Aubaine, but if they prove reasonable I wouldn’t hesitate to march on Marylebone and visit again (particularly because I am ever so desperate to try their brunch!). Beautiful food, attentive service and a great group of chattering bloggers is the making of a beautiful Christmas party.


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  1. I was sorry I missed it. I agree bloggers are the most wonderful people {you included!} Glad that we met and look forward to seeing you again!

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