Oh Lindt, you get me

Lindt Chocolates

The lovely people at Lindt sent me a selection box for Christmas, and I….well, I had a few issues. My first was that it was wrapped in heart wrapping paper, which meant I had to create an admirer and now everyone at work is expecting me to bring a broodingly handsome mustachioed graphic designer named Ben to the Christmas party* (I have an overactive imagination when put on the spot).

My second issues is that being a good little blogger I needed to photograph the selection box before I tucked in. But such is my love for Lindt that half the box was gone before I got home. I can’t even blame my co-workers, I fed them the ‘sorry guys, I have to photograph these before they are eaten’ line before secretly scoffing them myself. I can only apologise, and promise that next time I will share**.

But my love for Lindt makes all my issues totally and completely worth it. As well as being my favorite chocolate (and facing the challenge of eating the shell before enjoying the amazing center) it also reminds me of so many good times…

  • One of the book shops in Auckland being the only place to stock Lindt when I was a kid, every time we went past Dad would sneak in and buy me just one of the little beauties.
  • When I was six asking my Mum for some money to buy Lindt as a Christmas present for ‘someone special’, she thought it was for her and was mighty surprised to see ‘To Rebecca, Love Rebecca’ written on it on Christmas morning!
  • Going crazy at all the new flavors when I went on holiday to Sydney, turns out that when you leave them out in the Australian sun they make one hell of a mess when you bite into them.
  • Last Christmas when I was feeling down, opening the Lindt chocolate that my parents had sent from New Zealand and feeling instantly at home.

Thank you Lindt for my Christmas present, it was perfect. xx

* If anyone knows a  broodingly handsome mustachioed graphic designer named Ben please let me know

**Fair warning, I might not…

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  1. Ah I found Lindt when I lived overseas, so I always used to get people to bring back the 85% for me from Australia and stock up when I went too. My friend lived in Switzerland for a while and it was amazing to see the flavours she brought back with her as well. Now I love the 88%, it’s actually really smooth.

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