My travelling shoes (thanks Nike!)

Runawaykiwi in NYC

Travel can do miraculous things; it broadens the mind, inspires leaps of faith and can forge new friendships. As silly as it sounds the thing that can make or break a trip isn’t your companions, the weather or the current economic climate. The thing that really matters for the success of your trip is the shoes on your feet.

I have stood in the wonder of the Sistine Chapel and focused on the blisters on my toes. I have climbed the steps of the Great Wall of China and spent the entire time preoccupied with not slipping over in my jandals. I have even been known to spend an hour in an art gallery sitting in front of one painting, hoping to look like an intellectual when in truth I was just resting my aching feet. It is the shoes that make the trip.

Annoyingly though running shoes were always the domain of middle age Americans on a tour bus, the white hunks of rubber on their feet making them look like they were all walking on seagulls. Then Nike came along and changed the game, they made brightly coloured and most importantly cool running shoes (as semi proven by me blending into the art above!).

All of a sudden you could wear running shoes when travelling and look and feel awesome. I’ve worn my aqua neon beauties around the fashion capital Paris and not one coiffured creature batted an eyelid.

After walking me across two continents and countless laps of the Thames, my beloved Nikes are nearing their end. Now to save up for my next pair of travelling shoes…

Nike Shoes

And just in case you were wondering…the infamous picture of me on the Great Wall!


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  1. I agree, the right shoes can make or break a trip. For me it converse with factor insoles. They go with everything (helps to pack llight!) and are comfy 🙂 Happy feet are important for making the most of a trip!

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