Day: December 31, 2013

The Runawaykiwi Empire

Oh god, what the hell happened to 2013?

All of my favorite bloggers are doing 2013 roundups. They are posting about the amazing adventures they went on, the births deaths and marriages they have experienced and the cool design projects they have undertaken. I was thinking I should do one myself, if it wasn’t for the small insignificant little problem of not being […]

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Coffee and food

Table for one at the Table Cafe

I am officially on the hunt. No, not for a man (well, lets call that one interviewing rather than hunting ok?) but rather for undiscovered coffee and brunch in London. Honestly, when you tun to Google for help you get the same old Kopapa, Modern Pantry, Ozone and Providores. Not that there is anything wrong […]

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