Oh god, what the hell happened to 2013?

Happy New Year
All of my favorite bloggers are doing 2013 roundups. They are posting about the amazing adventures they went on, the births deaths and marriages they have experienced and the cool design projects they have undertaken. I was thinking I should do one myself, if it wasn’t for the small insignificant little problem of not being able to remember a damn thing about 2013.

I know I am a very lucky young thing who has been to New Zealand and New York in 2013 (yes, it was all about the New). But aside from that nothing really sticks out. I could of course trawl through my blog posts to discover my adventures, but I have the strange suspicion that the year was made up of coffee and not much else.

I think 2013 might seem like a bit of a blip for me because it is in the shadow of 2012, the year that I ceased to be a tax accountant and became an expat. In 2012 I became a jewellery designer, blog writer and brave little runawaykiwi. 2013 in comparison is like a G&T without the gin.

This aint a pity party in the slightest, I am just honestly bamboozled as to how I made it through the year without kicking ass at something.

But don’t worry kids, I have something up my sleeves for 2014…

Much love and thanks for reading!



Author: runawaykiwi