Table for one at the Table Cafe

The Table Cafe

I am officially on the hunt. No, not for a man (well, lets call that one interviewing rather than hunting ok?) but rather for undiscovered coffee and brunch in London. Honestly, when you tun to Google for help you get the same old Kopapa, Modern Pantry, Ozone and Providores. Not that there is anything wrong with those places, but when you are looking for new a parade of the same old names is less than helpful.

So team, I am going to try and do the hard yards for you starting with the Table Cafe just south of the river. And when I say ‘just south’ I do mean just. It is about one street back from the Thames halfway between Borough Market and Waterloo. I was on a mission and arrived early one Saturday to try it out.

This place has the oh so fashionable shared bench tables kind of deal, which normally I hate (come on cafes, give me my personal space!). But since I was there at the crack of dawn I had the entire cafe to myself. Unusually for me I wasn’t in a coffee mood (shocking I know!) so I went for the yummy Morning Glory smoothie made from pineapple, mango and lime. It was a far more exciting prospect than the standard orange juice, and the sharp flavour woke me up almost as much as  a flat white.

The Table Cafe egg

I couldn’t make my mind up between eggs or a bacon sandwich, but thankfully the brunch gods were smiling and the Table Cafe had the answer…the bacon eggs benedict. I know, it sounds a little against tradition but it was amazing. Perfectly poached eggs, an orange yoke the like of which I haven’t seen outside New Zealand, with super crispy bacon on a soft English muffin.

It was exactly what I needed, and the Table Cafe proved to be the perfect start to my brunch odyssey. Now to go back and try dinner.

Author: runawaykiwi

5 thoughts on “Table for one at the Table Cafe

  1. We found this wonderful hidden gem, when we were in London in October last year.
    It looks fantastic, the staff are so friendly and the food is amazing. The coffee scored a high 10/10 and the waffles for brunch on the weekend as the best we’ve ever tried.
    We have recommended it to all our friends in Hampshire.
    You have to try it to believe it.

  2. I used to work across the road from Table so I would have lunch quite often there – it’s well worth checking out for a lunch too!

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