Where can you get a bacon sandwich at 3am?

 Polo Bar Bacon

London is a cosmopolitan city with some of the best cultural activities in the world. We have galleries, museums and theater galore but what really matters, when you get right down to it, is can you get a bacon sandwich at 3am? Its London, of course you bloody can. Introducing Polo Bar, the answer to all your late night bacon related questions.

Polo Bar is a 24/7 greasy spoon cafe just opposite Liverpool Street station. It doesn’t look like much from the outside; in fact I walked past it for two years before realising it was a cafe. I went it craving the aforementioned bacon and was pleasantly surprised with the menu. There were the usual breakfast options, burgers and plus about 10 variations on the standard bacon sandwich. But I haven’t told you the best bit, the most unbelievable bit…they serve Nude coffee.

Polo Bar Nude Coffee

So vaguely hungover I made my way to Polo Bar and ordered a flat white and a classic bacon sandwich. Because I was grumpy as well as hungover I got a hash brown on the side. The seating area is quite tiny even by London standards, but everyone seems more than happy to bash elbows in the pursuit of food. The cafe is a comforting 1950’s mash up with tiled seats and pictures of the queen, enough to distract you from the freezing weather outside.

I have never had good service in Polo, even given how tiny the place is you have to fight to order and pay. But somehow in this place I don’t really care, just as long as I eventually get my food I am happy to sit anti-socially in the corner. And since the food is always awesome (try their pulled pork sandwich!) it all comes out in the wash. So in a way Polo Bar is perfectly located, you wouldn’t seek it out if you were after a nice relaxed cafe but for emergency food before or after a tube journey, or at three in the morning, it is pretty much heaven.

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