My last kiwi brunch

Cafe on Kohi pancakes

For my last brunch in Auckland I wanted something special, I wanted flat whites, family and a stunning view. The family part was easy, I just stole my parents car keys and wouldn’t let them go to work. As for the other criteria, thankfully the owners of Richmond Road Cafe and the Takapuna Beach Cafe had just opened up a new haunt, the Cafe on Kohi.

Cafe on Kohi is just across the road from Kohimarama beach and has the most classic kiwi views over the water and across to Rangitoto. A table outside in the early summer sun was pretty much perfect, and when the waitress came over and said “can I get you all flat whites?” instead of the normal ‘what can I get you’ life was as good as it could get. Honestly the service at this place is up there with the French Cafe, they totally pandered to my touristy photo demands, offered us blankets if we got too cold and were just simply charming.

In seriously bad blogging form I can’t for the life of me remember what flavour the pancakes that I had were. They were big fluffy american style ones, with crispy bacon sandwiched in between. But as for the stuff on top? No bloody clue. I’ve even tried the magical first page of google with no success. Whatever it was all I remember is licking my plate clean because it was so good. So someone please go and tell me what on earth it was!

My only issue with Cafe on Kohi was the water. The Hip Group (who own the cafe) have fancy pants water filters that make sparkling water straight from the tap. I took a big sip of what I thought was my bog standard tap water and almost spat it across the table (I chose to noisely choke instead to avoid that faux pas) – sparkling water is not bad at all just a massive surprise that there were bubbles in my drink!

I look back on this brunch with the most rosy glow, just beautiful food impeccable service and most importantly of all a lazy couple of hours with my Mum and Dad talking about life, the universe and everything in between.

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  1. that is a brill stack of pancakes! sometimes meals get too good, i can’t recall what i ate too. but atmosphere and company counts 😉

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