Whyte and Brown on a cold London weekend

Whyte and Brown

One of the magical things about London is that no one gets up early on a Sunday. If you want to get into any popular brunch spot just get there early and you will have it to yourself. So on a Sunday where the population of London was apparently hiding from the early (cough, 10am) light, I found myself at Whyte and Brown just off Covent Garden.

Something about the simplicity of the menu really caught my attention. In the age of excess, having only five cooked options on a brunch menu is delightful, and it since I’m not at my most decisive in the morning it was certainly appreciated. But as I read down the options my heart stopped…

The dish I wanted was the Streaky Bacon Bap and written just below it, no word of a lie, it said ‘add an egg on us’. WHAT?!?! A free egg on a London menu? I’ve seen brunch spots charge up to £6 for the privilege of adding an extra pre-cluck hero. But at Whyte and Brown it is yours if you so desire. And I did desire.

The food was impeccable. Perfectly crispy bacon, runny in the middle poached egg and soft fluffy bap. Simple, but when done to this standard it’s everything you could ask for.

The coffee on the other hand was completely pants. No discernible flavour, milk over heated and in no way resembling the flat white I ordered. I can only hope that the barista didn’t turn up to work that day, because I seriously expect better.

The other thing to mention about Whyte and Brown is the beautiful beautiful crockery. I used to own something similar back home and I just love the colours and style.

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