Can someone please help me come out of hibernation?

Tower Bridge at Night

Last year I was out and about every weekend, as well as least two or three nights during the week. I was visiting restaurants, discovering art exhibitions and sitting in the gods at the theatre. Then around came 2014 and I just stopped. I don’t know why I’ve stopped planning and adventuring, but I arrive at each weekend with nothing to do. I drink coffee, go for walks and of course blog, but I’m not out exploring the amazing city that I live in.

The words I live by

My reason for lack of art is because there are no exhibitions that excite me at the moment. Last year it was like every museum was catering specifically for me, we had Bowie, Lichtenstein and Schwitters as well as secret poster art and National Trust beauties. But this year? I’m yet to read about an exhibition that I am amped for. Fingers crossed there is something later in the year that they just haven’t announced yet, but right now? Nothing I would leave the couch for.

Peter and Alice

Now there are some theatre shows that I would love to see. But ever since the roof collapsed at the Apollo Theatre I’ve been less than eager to book tickets. I know that seems silly, it was only one fluke accident after all, but I can so easily see it happening again. Every central London theatre I’ve been to (sitting in the gods after all) has seemed like it wouldn’t last in a strong wind. I remember in one theatre a man sneezing on the other end of the row and the entire section shook. I always comforted myself with the knowledge that I was in one of the most overbearing Health and Safety societies out there, that was until the Apollo. Turns out they don’t have it as under control as I thought. The answer is probably to go further afield to the new theatres built in zone 2-4, but sadly that turns into at least an hour’s travel each way…a bit too much for a school night when the tickets are affordable.

My other go to option is something creative, but I feel like I’ve plateaued on my old hobbies (painting and jewellery making) and without some significant effort (read: money and/or time) they aint going anywhere. I would love to try some new things, but it looks like I would have to mortgage my non-existent house to do a pottery or design course in London…not ideal.

Lacking art, theatre and craft I have a few options:
a) Plot world domination
b) Refresh twitter every four and a half seconds
c) Become an alcoholic

Currently I have selected option b, but I think my iPad is starting to wear out from all the scrolling.

The Depressed Cake Shop

So how am I going to kick myself out of this accidental hibernation? It seems like after two years I have become complacent about this magnificent city, after all I know I’m going to be here long term so laziness takes precedent over the urgent need to SEE ALL THE THINGS. But at the same time I am dissatisfied with my hibernation, I want to get out and do things. So I want the best of all worlds?

My first attempt at kicking myself into action is a small trip to Belgium (watch this space!), but if you have any ideas, or know of any upcoming fun things, please comment or tweet me!

Love runawaykiwi

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10 thoughts on “Can someone please help me come out of hibernation?

  1. I always find myself in accidental hibernation around this time of year. I find the best way to get out of it is by booking things, even if you want to stay at home in your PJs for the whole of winter.
    Book theatre tickets and weekends away and cheap flights and dinner reservations with friends. I especially find that booking things I can’t get out of kick me out of hibernation!

  2. Imagine you are leaving soon, let say in a few months and write a list of everything you want to see/do before then and use that for inspiration.

    But there is nothing wrong with a little hibernation – occasionaly its good to refresh and provide motivation to paint the town later on – so dont be too hard on yourself.

  3. I’m so the same at the moment, but for different reasons – I don’t start work until the end of the month and so funds are a little tight! That plus the weather makes it hard to get motivated to get out (although it has been fairly mild lately!). Why don’t you do a ‘tour’ of your fave places you found as a fresh faced ex pat ?? Refresh your love for London 🙂

  4. There’s a few photo hunts/walking photo classes put on by bloggers you could check out, get’s you out for a day, maybe seeing a new area, and meeting new people. I know when we move to London I want to go to them!

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