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Hotel Bloom Room

You may have seen my twitter explosion a few weeks about, about how I fell in love with Hotel Bloom. When I was planning my trip to Bruges and Brussels (the secret is out, my two day-trips were actually over a weekend) I was looking for a cool hotel to stay in. You know, one of those hotels where you are just as excited about the bed you are going to sleep in as the new city you are going to see. Then I came across Hotel Bloom, and what instantly grabbed my attention was that every single room has its own unique mural in it, turning the entire place into a livable art gallery. So I did what any blogger would do, I cheekily emailed them and asked if I could stay for a night…they said yes! So full disclosure I didn’t pay for my night in Hotel Bloom, but bloody hell I loved it and would have happily paid.

The room that they gave us was simply massive. We were like giggling school girls as we ran around and reveled in the space. There were nice touches like robes (OMG ROBES) and free bottles of water to take on our adventures. The mural in our room was a beautiful creation by Nora Bodnar, which detailed how to create our own origami bloom. Since we were too busy rolling on the floor in our robes we didn’t get to make them, but it is on the to do list. The coolest thing in the room however was the chairs (below), does anyone know if you can get these in London?

Hotel Bloom Chair

Raaaa ok one more thing before I stop talking about Hotel Bloom, the breakfast. Along with the normal hotel breakfast (hot food as well, not just continental which was refreshing in Europe) there was the waffle station to beat all waffle stations. Parked in the middle of the breakfast room was a bright yellow campervan, which served as a make your own waffle station. I was in love and I may or may not have eaten my body weight in waffley goodness.

Hotel Bloom Breakfast

The hotel is in the ideal location if you are trying to do Brussels and Bruges in one weekend. It is fifteen minutes on the Metro to get from the Eurostar terminal to the hotel, and then the best station to go to Bruges is in walking distance to the hotel as well. And then since there is a Metro stop just outside any site seeing you do is super easy.

Go and stay in Hotel Bloom!!!

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