Whats the collective noun for a group of bloggers?

Royal Horseguards afternoon tea

I’ve told you before about the amazing community of bloggers in London, well the other day I got to hang out with a bunch of them at the Royal Horseguards hotel in Westminster. Bunch doesn’t sound right as a collective noun for a group of bloggers… I propose that we start calling a group of bloggers a ‘click’ (anyone who has been out to dinner with a blogger will get it!).

So in a riverside room at the Royal Hourseguards we made friends with Chef Ben, our food magician for the afternoon. We started with a quick tour of the terrace while sipping our champagne – look at that view! I think we all decided that this was definitely the life for us, I was made to sip champagne in a luxury hotel while talking blogs, travel and brunch.

Royal Horseguards view

And to the food. It must be fairly intimidating to cook for a click of bloggers (see, click just sounds right!), but Ben and his team did the hotel proud. After some tasty finger sandwiches I may have gone a little overboard with the scones, you see we had some gluten free bloggers at the table so what on earth were we to do with the extra scones? Ah, eat them.

I ate so many scones that I kind of ran out of room for the top tier, a fact that made me super sad. I managed to squeeze in the mango tart with coconut marshmallow, lovely spring flavours and pretty pretty mouthfuls is a good sign of what I missed out on. I can’t really complain, the scones were amazing and maybe Chef Ben will invite me back to try his top tier. Wait, that came out wrong.

I love meeting new bloggers, not just because its the best way to find new reading material, but also because as school yard as it sounds you get a chance to meet new friends. I may or may not have already started twitter stalking JessonThames and we are brunching this weekend!

I can’t wait to meet the click at the next blogging event, and maybe next time I will not get quite so hyped up on sugar and wont lead to this sort of incident…

Chef Ben twitter

Author: runawaykiwi