Brunch at Caravan with cafe royalty

Caravan brunch

I love going to a cafe with a girl who knows her stuff. A friend of mine used to work at Caravan Kings Cross, and is about to leave dirty old London to go and live in the sunshine on a Super Yacht – yeah some people have all the luck. So a last trip to her old stomping ground seemed totally fitting, especially since I have not been there for brunch yet (horribly remiss of me I know).

I’m going to get the bad bit of Caravan out of the way first, the service seemed a bit haphazard. Possibly just a side effect of being a massive-for-London cafe on a busy Saturday morning, but it was a bit like trying to catch a models eye in the middle of a fashion show. Ironically this inattention was actually prefect for us, we had a brilliant uninterrupted catch-up and set the world at rights – although it would have been nice to have been offered coffer rather than hunting for it.

The coffee was brilliant, although I would expect nothing less from a place that does small batch roasting of its own beans. We managed a fair few coffees between us, so I am in the unusual position of being able to comment on the consistency as well – they were all identical in their perfection.

Caravan coffee

The nice thing about brunch at Caravan is that you don’t have to go for the safe option. They have some awesome combos, and you know that no matter how weird they sound you are safe in their hands. I went for the Poached eggs, aubergine puree, yoghurt, sumac and parsley on toast, it was such a good combo even if it did look a bit like yummy baby food. The only other London cafe I have found doing the egg and yoghurt combination is Kopapa with their Turkish poached eggs, a tasty breakfast but a little too spicy for my liking. The aubergine on the other hand was cool, subtle and I could eat it 100 times over.

So full to the brim and after that many coffees jumping like kittens on catnip, we walked off into the London sun. One destined for more London brunches, coffees and wanderings; the other for the new sun of the South of France and the endless ocean.


Author: runawaykiwi

7 thoughts on “Brunch at Caravan with cafe royalty

  1. I rather like that about the service at Caravan too, 3 of us were there for an infamous 9 hours one of my birthday’s… 3 meals & smiley unhurried service suited us perfectly!

    1. Try and hit it at about 9:30, it seems to be the magic time before Londoners wake up…even works for the Breakfast Club!

  2. I love the small batch coffee roasting. Great stuff. It sounds delicious even despite the baby food look. Love the blog just stopped by. You had me at the “about page” being a huge fresh prince fan and from Philly -)

    1. I tried so hard to write a serious one, but the 90’s got in the way.

      Live would be indescribably worse without small batch roasters, I love them all.

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