I wish

I wish clouds

I wish that living in London was easy

I wish that I could drink coffee past 3:30pm

I wish that I had a cat

I wish Perky Nanas were a global food

I wish that I could go to bed on time

I wish that there was a magic machine to do your hair

I wish we could all leave Facebook

I wish that WW3 was not a reasonable prospect

I wish that London was not the destroyer of shoes

I wish you could clone your clothes when they wear out

I wish beef was cheaper

I wish that movie sequels would come out at the same time as the original

I wish I could remember where I saw that treacle scone recipe

I wish I wasn’t quite so addicted to mango licorice

I wish that wishes were easy to achieve

I wish that all of you have an awesome day




Author: runawaykiwi

3 thoughts on “I wish

  1. Oh I felt much the same way this last week or so. I think I’m a bit homesick and a bit broke!!

    1. Why do those always happen at once! I am going with the endless coffees and binge watching movies until it passes


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