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Its really tricky as an expat to make things special. In part this is because you don’t have family around to celebrate the big (and small) milestones, but I think it might also be because amazing things are a regular occurrence. Living in London you walk past St Pauls or Buckingham Palace without giving them more than a cursory glance, things you might dream of from the other side of the world are just there. Even travel looses its magic after a while, the ‘specialness’ of Paris dulls somewhat when you can nip over for lunch.

Texture London tasting

For my second anniversary in London I wanted to do something silly, ridiculous and completely out of character. So I booked myself a table for one at a michelin starred restaurant, it was time for a purely selfish night of celebratory decadence. I know it will seem strange to some people to celebrate by yourself, or hell even to go out for dinner alone, but I wanted a night to reflect on what the last two years had brought me.

So on a balmy Tuesday night (the weather in London has been PHENOMENAL lately) I got my glad rags on (ear cuffs are the latest thing) and went to Texture for my night of celebration. I went for the tasting menu, which was utter perfection. Each dish was almost like a piece of art with colours and textures so precisely placed it was almost a shame to eat it.

Texture London

The biggest revelation was the parmesan snow, you heard me..parmesan snow. Apparently they make it in an ice-cream maker but don’t put any of the sugar and cream in, the result is something that looks exactly like a dusting of snow but tastes like parmesan cheese. Mind blown. I’m not even going to mention the bacon popcorn…

The other dish that I loved was one that they are not actually serving till their summer menu (a big reason to go back in June), which was a mango gelato in a sharp passion-fruit sauce. I could eat this one every night for the rest of my life, it was that good.

Texture London summer

But more than anything, more than everything the service was what made my night special. The maitre d’ was funny, attentive and made a fuss over me all night. The waiters were amazing too, I was never without a drink and they did everything to make sure I enjoyed the night.

This night was exactly what I needed it to be; it was selfish, reflective and very very special. Texture proved to be the perfect celebration of my two years as an expat in London.

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