Runawaykiwi invades a castle, chats with a deer and finds a loch or two

Scotland Loch

I was hankering for some beautiful landscapes. I am normally a happy little city girl, but every so often I just want a full on Lord of the Rings-esque landscape to sooth my soul. Since New Zealand is a little too far away I went for the next best thing…Scotland. I was off to Glasgow for a week of hanging out and not much more, but one thing at the top of my list was a day out in the Highlands just to get my outdoor fix. Thankfully there was a perfect Rabbies one day tour which till fill me with castles, lochs and beautiful landscapes till I could take no more.

Scotland is beautiful. Like beyond beautiful. So for once I am going to shut up and let the photos talk for me. Well, except for one thing…half way though the day our tour guide pulled over and took up to a pub carpark to meet a friend of hers – an amazing stag. Apparently although they are wild they know they can get food near the pub so they make friends with the humans in winter. ┬áSuch a special experience.

Scotland castle Scotland Loch Scotland bridge Scotland seaside Scotland Mountain Scotland deer

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  1. Great photos – especially the last one. Sooo cute! I’m yet to visit Glasgow, but I totally agree – Scotland is beautiful. I’ve visited Edinburgh and would happily go again.

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