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Citizen M Glasgow

Y’all know I love a cool hotel, I would go as far as to say that finding Citizen M decided my destination. Citizen M is a chain of hotels that specialise in the young traveler – we want different, we want easy and we want effortless branding. From the ¬†moment you walk into a Citizen M hotel you know its not going to be ordinary, there is no check-in counter you do all that yourself.


Then you walk into your room, and the traditional hotel goes out the window. Its basically just a massive bed and a glow in the dark bathroom. Not kidding the bed is about half the size of the room and is so big that the first night I felt lost in it. They really focus on the things I want in a hotel, forget the mini-bar that no-one uses anyway. Instead give me an iPod dock and free blockbuster movies…swoon. Then there are the optional extras like a bathroom where you can choose the colour of the mood lighting and different scented soaps based on personality type.

Citizen M Soap

And what I said before about branding? There is not a single bit of the hotel that escapes the designers notice, the rooms are designated by Citizen number, the creepy fantasy citizen pictures adorn the walls and even the doormats welcome all new Citizens. But I think my favorite part is what they do with the common areas. Normally dead spaces in a hotel, at Citizen M they have essentially turned it into your lounge Рor at least the lounge you pin on pinterest. One day on my trip I just felt like having a glass of wine and reading a book, so that is what I did in the eames chair by the window. And for the bloggers out there, they have enough iMacs to keep you posting throughout your stay.

Citizen M lounge

The only bad point of Citizen M is that I probably wouldn’t want to stay there with anyone I didn’t trust intimately. Because the bathroom is essentially just a glassed in part of the room its not exactly the most private space in the world, its frosted glass but I still wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable showering when my room buddy can see what is going on. But as a solo traveler? No problem.Citizen M Door Mat

Citizen M ticks all my boxes (oh hush) when it comes to a hotel, giving you all the things you want and ignoring the things you never knew you didn’t want. I can’t wait to try a few more of the chain, Amsterdam maybe?



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