My most surprising destination

London Bridge Expat Problems

I have been a very bad blogger, its three days into this months travel link up and I am only just posting! But I am in the middle of planning my next big adventure (its on a boat!), so today it is. The topic this month is our most surprising destination which is beyond tricky. I spend every trip completely surprised because the destinations in reality always blow my imagination out of the water.

So it comes back to London, it always comes back to London. I honestly thought when I moved here that I would only be staying for three months. I had lived in London before (well, Kingston but Greater London still counts) and it was totally not my scene. What was the point in a big crowded city that was exactly the same as home but with a funny accent?

I packed my bags and flew to the other side of the world, needing a break more than anything else. And, ah, well. I fell in love with London. Over two years later and I am not only still here, but am fully committed to expat life. Yes I miss my family more than anything, and I have my down moments, but London is where my heart lives for the moment.

Given some of my travel stories, I’m sure you expected something more outrageous for my most surprising destination. But to be frank I still can’t bloody believe I am an expat living in London.

Author: runawaykiwi