Which Glasgow museums to hit and miss

Kelvingrove Museum heads Sophy Cave

I am used to museums of all sizes, after all I live in London the museum capital of the world but I originate from Auckland where we have one museum called…The Museum. So I have a fairly open mind when it comes to museums but I might have had my expectations a little too high when it came to Glasgow.

The Peoples Palace – MISS (unless you have littles)

Set in the middle of a park the Peoples Palace is very pretty, it is half made from a green house that has a pretty bad cafe in it. But if you are after a cup of tea (you can’t mess up a cup of tea too badly) you couldn’t ask for it in a better setting. But as for the museum itself its clearly aimed at children because it goes for bright colours and snipits over actual substantive information. I mean, its fun for about five minutes but then what is the point of a five minute museum?

Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvingrove Museum – MISS

This museum was beyond funny. Again in a beautiful building, and there was a real atmosphere on the day that I visited with a free organ concert in the main hall. But the entire museum was like the museum from the Pandorica episode of Doctor Who, with random exhibitions all crammed in next to each other. It is the only museum in the world that I have ever seen a giraffe in the same collection as a spitfire.

Glasgow Modern Art Gallery – MISS

Well, this is a bit of a qualified miss because if there is a temporary exhibition here that you want to see by all means go for it. But without a big name this was just nothing much to see, many rooms with things in them but nothing engaging. If you want modern art, head down the road to the Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery, which was amazing from memory.

Glasgow Transport Museum

Riverside Museum – HIT

Apart from being a pain in the ass to get to, this museum is brilliant. It is a transport museum, so it holds everything from ships to tubes and manages to track the  human history alongside. It is in a newly designed building by Zaha Hadid that looks like a giant heart monitor beep, and the insides are green green green. It is super fun (I was giggling and playing like a five year old) with interactive exhibitions and a enough different bits of tech (old and new) to keep even the most cynical happy.


Author: runawaykiwi