Papercup Coffee – Glasgow


Paper Cup Coffee Glasgow

It is almost impossibly hard to find good coffee in Glasgow. I often skite about how London is so full of flat whites that we are basically just a fourth island of New Zealand. But Glasgow? I was lucky if I saw a latte on the menu let alone a flat white. After a general twitter shout-out I was pointed in the direction of Papercup coffee – oh thank god.

After a scary bus ride (driver asked where I was going, and wasn’t happy with my answer of “coffee”) I made it to Papercup and finally sat down with my first good coffee all week. And this is where we had a problem. The Australian coffee man discovered that I never turn down a flat white, resulting in a seriously over-caffeinated runawaykiwi who was jittering so badly that I almost overturned the table. Time to try out Papercups food offerings me thinks…

Paper Cup Coffee eggs on toast

The food was exactly what a shaking kiwi needed. Only a few options, but the one that caught my eye was scrambled eggs on toast with prosciutto and a tangy tomato relish. So simple and yet so damn tasty and filling, the perfect base for a day of wandering around Glasgow style.

Author: runawaykiwi