Two new coffee shops waiting to be discovered #2

Its that time again, I have been exploring and I have two new cafes for you to haunt. They are both super close to each other (10 minute walk max) so if you are feeling COFFEE EXTREME you can visit one after the other.

Timberyard Cafe –  61-67 Old St, London EC1V 9HW

Timberyard Cafe

I found out about this magic team at the London Coffee festival. Since then I have been stalking them on twitter and the thing I noticed more than anything else? Their food/drinks are mega photograph-able, every singe tweet or instagram looks fabulous. This is down to the way that they serve it up, everyone gets their own big square board with bottle of water, cup and then whatever they ordered. It is such a nice way to give value to every single cup of coffee and make the customer feel special.

And as for the coffee, well I am yet to actually try their flat whites. This is down to entirely one thing…the salted caramel affogato. Yes, that magic creation that I tried at the coffee festival actually exists in the real world. It is such a genius combination (I’ve tried other salted caramel coffee combinations before and most taste like the devil), and is the most beautiful bit of luxury.


Shoreditch Grind – 213 Old St, London EC1V 9NR

Shoreditch Grind

I honesty don’t know how I didn’t find this one earlier, people have been mentioning it to me since I arrived in London. I think it might have been because Shoreditch Grind has always been described as an espresso bar, which in my head did not have any place to sit and shoot the breeze. Totally wrong, no they don’t have a big seating area but plenty of space to enjoy your flat white. And what a flat white it was, just everything done right and smooth as anything.

Food wise, well, ah, you know of my obsession with the custard tart? Well Shoreditch Grind takes it to the next level…by filling the traditional Portuguese custard tart with sweet and tart raspberries. I just don’t know if I can go back to the drab raspberry-less custard tarts that the rest of London serves up – this is the dawn of a new era in tart loving.



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