4   86
2   81
5   123
3   51
4   131
5   53
0   38
7   85
11   48
2   58

I need

I need to get over my self

I need a pair of boots that don’t fall apart after a month

I need to care more about charity adverts on TV

I need to check milk for lumps BEFORE pouring it in my tea

I need to drink gin with Greta

I need to join Instagram

I need to tidy my room

I need to stop using so many #hashtags

I need Google to start paying tax

I need my whanau to be closer

I need a pet

I need to remember that guys name from that movie

I need more sun

I need to breathe

I need to spend more time exercising

I need to stop instantly reacting to notifications on my phone

I need to stop swearing at people in my head

I need a flat white


1 Comment

  1. Sammy Dorn
    May 16, 2014 / 11:09 am

    You really do need to join Insta. It’s the best 🙂